Welcome to our web site! We hope that this site will help parents that are looking for family child care in the Kingstowne and Franconia areas of Northern Virginia. This site is also for providers that might wish to join our association to further enhance his or her professionalism.

The Child Care Network of Kingstowne/Franconia (CCNKF) is a non-profit, all-volunteer support organization run entirely by home child care providers. One of our goals is to provide a free service to help the frustrated parents who call providers from the lists that are provided by Fairfax County. Parents feel overwhelmed by the search - a lot of names and not enough descriptors to get a good feel for a potential provider. By contacting the CCNKF, a parent is able to get a listing of providers with openings and providers are able to get a listing of parents that have called searching for care.

Parents are assured that the providerís names that have been supplied to them through CCNKF are providers that are currently either licensed through the State of Virginia, or have a current Fairfax County Permit. Both of these governing agencies have criteria that must be met before a permit/license will be issued. Part of the process includes criminal background checks, health and safety inspections and fire department inspections performed annually. CPR/First Aid and Bi-Annual T.B. testing is required. A minimum of twelve hours per year of continuing education is required for a new provider and six hours per year thereafter. Both agencies offer training for new providers and continuing education.

The Child Care Network of Kingstowne/Franconia was officially formed in October 1998.